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Charge mobile phones less to prolong battery life

Le 3 juillet 2013, 07:53 dans Humeurs 0

Want to extend the life of your cell phone's battery? Do not charge your mobile to 100 per cent! Mobile phones should be charged only about 50 per cent in order to prolong their battery life, a tech expert has claimed.


According to technology expert Eric Limer, rather than ensuring phones are constantly charged or running down the battery completely, the best thing to do is keep batteries running at about 50 per cent.


Limer said as overcharging, or having a full battery, and going from down to zero does gradual damage to phone batteries, 'The Telegraph' reported.


Keeping a phone too hot by constant charging can cause it to lose power every year, he said. "For the most part, going from all the way full to all the way empty won't help, in fact, it'll do a little damage if you do it too often," said Limer.


"It is smart to do one full discharge about once a month," Limer said, adding this resets the phone. He said that leaving phones connected to a charger after they are fully charged can do damage to batteries, as can high temperatures.The best temperature for phone batteries, according to Limer, is about 15 degrees Celsius, and batteries kept at an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius lose about 20 per cent of their power every year.


Limer also advised turning phones to airplane or flight mode in areas with poor signal, using a quiet ring tone and turning off applications that use Global Positioning System (GPS) as a way to conserve battery life.


Experts have also dispelled the common notion that new mobile phones should be charged for hours before using them, as this no longer works with the new types of batteries which are made from different materials and don't have the same "memory."


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Why People Want to Give the Gifts

Le 2 juillet 2013, 06:13 dans Humeurs 0

The best baby gifts are the ones that put smile on baby's face. Parents often feel it is the right time to treat their child with more expensive products, such as toys, appliances, clothing.

We should not ignore the fact that the kids are constantly under target of companies that offer them products and through all forms of media. Succumb to such pressure and more experienced consumers, so as not to wholesale gifts. However, the last few years, and other factors (apart from advertising campaigns and children's wishes) to decide what will be found in the best baby gifts.

There is a consumer decreased budget allocated for gifts. The recession, the increased possibility of losing their jobs, more likely to reduce wages and declining living standards lead to the fact that consumers are less willing to spend money for gifts, and also womens gifts.Estimates and forecasts are no better. In fact, Americans predict that this year, on average, spend 712 dollars on gifts, which is nearly identical to their estimate of the previous year.

About a quarter of respondents plan to spend less than last year, while only 9 percent plan to spend more. Past experience shows that when Americans predict that it will spend as much or more money on Christmas than last year. However, despite such a joyless forecast should not expect a big drop in the value of the best baby gifts intended for children. The fact is that parents often choose to save to purchase items for themselves to be able to afford more for their children.

Very high percentage of parents report that they are willing to give up their own gift in order to buy a present for their children. To fulfill its purpose, the wholesale gifts from tradetang must be a real pleasure not only for the one who receives the gift, but for the one that pays the same. Mutual exchange of gifts on different occasions has long been present. In the European tradition each donation goes back to ancient times. Today the situation is quite different: gifts are given to all who are dear to us. Giving and receiving gifts contributes to the special mood that brings people together, it makes them happy.

Jewelry for people of all types

Le 2 juillet 2013, 06:13 dans Humeurs 0

Gents and girls have featured themselves through Handmade Jewelry for some time before the period of explanation. Garlands involving flowers, wristbands of stitched grass, shells, plus stone; such ended up the earliest accessories to accentuate the human shape. We can have been dressed in Handmade Jewelry by virtually 75, 000 years before -- 30, 000 years prior than recently assumed -- relating to a new report as a result of National Geographic Reports.

On the millennia, rings variations and resources have progressed in phase with the advancements involving civilization. By the Stone Period to Bronze Period, from the Iron Period to the Business Revolution (plus ostensibly back again!), variations have converted, modernized, plus then often went back to their easiest kinds and vital aspects.

Now, jewelry might be mostly machined built, letting companies to produce homogeneous jewelry patterns much more monetarily than classic handcrafting plus hand-casting approaches let. Casting machines nowadays speedily process into homogeneous molds such factors as materials, plastics, plus resins, letting even sophisticated Handmade Jewelry patterns to be developed with speed plus uniformity. Kinetic punch engages plus forges, furthermore, are likewise commonly applied throughout the jewelry creation industry now, to help confirm the generation of a regular, remarkably profitable supplement.

Previous to acquiring a new pearl earring, recognize some capabilities involving some earring variations. This might be the most conventional earring plus evaluation reasonable one. Pearl and also alternative rocks (including diamond) can be sailing in your earring, though a new screw throughout strongly carry Pearl Earrings in position. This might usefully reduce the sacrificing of earring though it features extravagant pearl or stuff. Reasonable pill stud earring might be Akoya and / or freshwater pill throughout 18k gold, though Tahitian plus South Sea Pill plus Precious stone stud earring happen to be overpriced. Stud earring might be remarkably indispensably jewelry element in your pack!

Threader Pearl Earrings present a lovely and popular glimpse of your series. These jewels are fully adaptable period wise to present a personal object pertaining to anyone to own. Other jewels might dangle ideal with that cycle underneath the ear plus never be anxious with regards to the cycle; it is skinny but might carry the bead solidly. The chains can be often built throughout 18k platinum, 14k rare metal or stable silver.

One large diamond, geometric design or allure hangs by the earring starting commonly facing frontward. Some lower earrings incorporate an allure plus a gemstone (ravens croft crystal, diamond, pearls plus such like). The standard pattern of the decline involves earring to cling in an instantly line by starting to stop.

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